Why do I need this?

Why do I need to learn this? I remember asking this question or hearing this a lot when I was in school. Because of this, I try to make sure I give my students an answer to this question for every subject I teach.

I have been finding that many of my students have no idea as to the importance of what they learn or how what they are learning either has given them their lifestyle or how it might affect that lifestyle. Putting it another way, they don't see the importance of what I am teaching to a job they may have in the future. Many of them have no idea of a job they'd like to have in the future which complicates it even more. A good number of boys figure that they are going to be a sports super star and (mistakenly) believe that they will never need anything taught in the class unless it relates to the sport they want to play. I understand not crushing the potential of our young charges, but we, parents and teachers, really need to talk with possible occupations when they grow up.

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