ECI 696

Professional Problems of Teachers

A Course Offered Through Northern Arizona University

June 2, 2014 — July 1, 2014

This course examines some of the challenging issues facing educators today. Participants will have opportunities to critically examine issues central to teachers across the United States and even globally, as well as to focus on concerns in one's own teaching context. In addition, this course will provide opportunities to examine issues from multiple perspectives, critique those perspectives, and suggest possible solutions.

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General Course and Instructor Information

Instructor: Jeff Bloom Office: EEB 143 Phone: 928-523-0665 Email: jeff.bloom[at]

Primary Course website:
  • BBlearn will NOT be used for this course.

Primary Discussion Forum:

  • Discussion Forum for ECI 696, Summer 2014
  • This forum is for discussing most of the issues and topics in this course. This is a public forum that is visible to anyone visiting the site. However, only members of the wiki can post to the forum. Since this course focuses on professional problems, most of our substantive discussions should be made available to the public.

Private Discussion Forum:

  • This forum is for personal introductions, for discussing any technical aspects of the course (e.g., accessing certain topics, etc.), and for any other discussions that are not appropriate for a public audience.

The Course

IMPORTANT Downloads:

Optional — Creating pages and content on the wiki.

Readings and Course Materials:

  • The readings and materials are available directly from this site on each Module page (linked below).
  • Some readings are password protected. Please see the initial email for username and password information for these readings.


Module #1 6/2 to 6/3 Introduction and Initial Explorations
Module #2 6/4 to 6/13 Making Sense of and Analyzing Problems and Issues Critical Analysis 1 – 6/13
Module #3 6/14 to 6/24 Exploring Other Problems and Issues Critical Analysis 2 – 6/25
Module #4 6/25 to 7/1 Making a Difference Project Update – 6/26
Final Project – 7/1

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Re-Posted with permission from Susan Ohanian (at

On Assessment, Accountability, and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night

These are pull-out quotes from my article in the May 2009 Language Arts.

by Susan Ohanian

Data without conscience will be the
ruin of our collective soul.
What good are the statistics
if our hearts are cold?

Where are the statements from
fighting against the assault on
teacher professionalism?

Whether NCLB is renewed
or not, the corporate-politico
agenda lives on: Conscript
teachers into silence and

You can only teach who you
are, and if you try to do it while
submitting to a script dominatrix,
then you lose not only your
professionalism, but also
your soul.

To be a teacher,
You have to decide who you're
willing to obey
And who you're willing to kill.

Both standardized tests required
by the State and the NAEP distort
literature beyond recognition.

Just try asking your students—
today—to suggest one thing that
would improve their school day.
The simplicity of their suggestions
will surprise you.

— Susan Ohanian
Language Arts

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