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About me:
I was born and raised in Arizona. I attended NAU Flagstaff campus to complete my undergraduate studies, then moved to Colorado to complete my student teaching. I thought I would return to Arizona, but Colorado became home. I have lived in Colorado for nearly two and a half years now and absolutely love it! In a way, Arizona will always be home too because my is family there.

I am currently a substitute teacher in multiple districts in the North Denver area. I enjoy taking online courses because I am able to complete the coursework as my schedule allows (i.e. late at night, early in the morning, weekends, etc.).

At the conclusion of this summer session, I will have completed my Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. That said, I am spending the first half of my summer studying and applying for full-time teaching positions and the latter half of my summer traveling. I hope to be in a classroom of my own this fall :)

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