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Although most teachers are dedicated to helping children, the pressures from the “institution of schooling” prevents them from doing what they feel they should be doing in the classroom. Teachers and university teacher educators have very little power to change schools. The real power to change lies with parents and the voting public.

One of the major problems that keep schools on a path of dysfunction has to do with communication about teaching, learning, and schooling. The majority of communication to the public about education comes from politicians and the media. Neither of these groups have any knowledge or understanding of the research on learning and teaching or of the professional practices of teachers. What is even more problematic is that the agendas of politicians may in fact be focused on keeping education mediocre. A well-informed and thoughtful populace is not one that can be easily misled or controlled. It may not pay to provide a truly excellent education for our children.

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    • Pay attention to the poorly worded and constructed test questions. The test questions also bring up some basic curriculum questions:
      • Who benefits (from the tests)? … Pearson and other corporations?
      • What knowledge is worth knowing? … What knowledge is truly important for children?


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