Teaching Technology

Lack of integration of technology. Children need more than 1 hour, if they are lucky, a week in a computer lab. Teachers need to get more savvy on teaching how to use computers as well as using computers in their instruction. I had a SmartBoard last year and this year as I've traveled around to various classes I have found it hard to work in classes which don't have a SmartBoard. The SmartBoards were purchased by the PTO and not the district. This shows there are people out there that recognize teaching of and with technology is a must.

Children need to learning more keyboarding skills and who is going to get them to learn this? The teacher. Teachers need to show their students that the mouse is not the only means, the fastest, or always the best means, of maneuvering on a computer. I teach my kids how to 10-Key so they can use web sites like thatquiz.org. (Motivation to learn 10-Keying: a good accountant has got to know how to 10-Key.)

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